Why the polymath approach is critical to student engagement and curriculum development?

2020-06-10T14:28:40Z (GMT) by Indrani Lahiri
During the workshop attendees gained an understanding on the application of polymath approach in teaching and research. The session explored Interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary approach in classroom to engage students. The workshop provided a framework to plan teaching sessions to enhance student participation. The workshop additionally focused on the importance of embedding UN Sustainable Development Goals in the curriculum that can prepare students for real life challenges. This presentation thus proposes the survival strategy for both teachers and students in the wake of the neoliberal challenges in higher education and advocates for the polymath approach to enhance the scope of media pedagogy. Facilitators: Indrani Lahiri, Senior Lecturer, Dr Claire Sedgwick, Lecturer, (CEM), Charlotte Lingham (Alumni), Marta Franka, Gerda Augeviciute, Katarzyna Kmiecik, Matyna Szmyd and Mahima Kshatriya (Students)